MY Martial Arts Junior Classes

Children learn through play and our classes are specifically designed to be fun, energetic and entertaining for pre-school aged children. MY Martial Arts juniors learn the basics of responsibility, self care and respectful behavior. We will prepare your child for their future be it long-term life preparation or the skills necessary for a successful first year of school.

We do this through our unique curriculum taught by caring and enthusiastic instructors who are eager to see your child learn, grow and progress.

Martial arts is a fantastic way to help to develop a strong, healthy body and combats childhood obesity.

Our classes focus on:

• Hand/Eye Co-ordination

• Improve balance, agility and reflexes

• Strengthen the heart and lungs

• Improve strength and flexibility

• Combat childhood obesity

• School and street self defence


MY Martial Arts Juniors

Days and times

Tuesday and Friday 5pm


30 minutes


3-6 years

You will see improvements in your childs balance through their training at MY Martial Arts.

Skills and drills in fresh air and on the pads will help improve your childs concentration and hand-eye co-ordination.

Team talks at the end of class are when we reinforce messages such as stranger danger, good manners, street safety and anti bullying.

To ensure each class finishes on a high the last few minutes of class is set aside for basic martial arts themed games.

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